Thursday, March 27, 2008

Red Bull Cola? FAIL!

it seems that energy drink giant Red Bull will be launching there first product outside the energy drink that made them in the late 90's here in the U.S.
Boy, i gotta tell you, I'm just not seeing what direction they are moving in. With such a strong brand image and attitude, why a cola? Aren't cola's dead? Do they possibly know something that no one else does. doubt it!
I think the Austrians may have their heads way too far up their asses on this one. With such a strong brand, wouldn't you start to think outside the beverage box? Why not take that premium, bad-boy, party, mischievous personality and take it to other products, gear, wearables, something other than a boring soda.
I could be eating crow in a couple of years, but i doubt it. You're a company based on innovation and creativity....this is neither. FAIL!
I am interested in how they utilize their sampling teams. Will they create new street teams in bigger markets with new vehicles? Hopefully they will bring in something new. Everyone and their brother's are using street teams now. How can you set yourself apart, or re-invent the guerrilla team.

Go ahead and check out the article on bev-net.

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