Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Supporters Know What Viral Means.

I was just checking my email when a new message came up from one of my friends. All it said was, "Joe, you're in this video.", with a link. I'm working from the coffee shop today so I didn't have my sound on, but the video just looked harmless enough. At first I was glad that it wasn't a posted video of anything I might have done last weekend, but as I played the video I realized that it was much worse.

This Joe Cox, whoever he is was going to destroy my SEO on Google!!!

Luckily, after frantically putting my headphones on, I figured out that this was a very smart viral campaign from the Obama side, where they transcribe your friends name into the video and have them be the "one non voter" that cost Obama the election. After it's finished it automatically throws you into an easly filled out form for you to send it on to one of your friends.

simple message, fun execution, and easily shared. I think we have a winner here.

As a side note, by viewing my personal video below, you'll find some unintentional humor utilizing my name and the republican parties reaction to the election. Just look at the headline when Bush makes an appearance.

Monday, October 6, 2008

7-Eleven puts their odds on Obama

7eleven says to hell with the contemparary presidential polls and hopes that they have found a more accurate as well as profitable form of polling a huge sample of Americans...through their coffee sales.

This very simple and absolutely genius marketing campaign gives coffee drinkers a choice in their coffee cups. You can pick either the blue Obama cup or the red McCain. Obama has taken a pretty healthy lead so far with a 57% to 43% lead over McCain. Of course it's just a fun game in marketing, but their might just me more than meets the eye.

7-Eleven has been doing this coffee poll for the last 2 elections in 2000 and 2004. Both times the election's outcome has reflected the coffee cup votes. Put that together with the size of the sample, according to 7-Eleven they sell over 1 million cups of coffee a day, and 10,000 pots of coffee every hour of the day, every day out of the year, that's a lot of bean counting folks!

Go ahead and go to 7-election site to learn a bit more and check out it out for yourself.