Monday, October 6, 2008

7-Eleven puts their odds on Obama

7eleven says to hell with the contemparary presidential polls and hopes that they have found a more accurate as well as profitable form of polling a huge sample of Americans...through their coffee sales.

This very simple and absolutely genius marketing campaign gives coffee drinkers a choice in their coffee cups. You can pick either the blue Obama cup or the red McCain. Obama has taken a pretty healthy lead so far with a 57% to 43% lead over McCain. Of course it's just a fun game in marketing, but their might just me more than meets the eye.

7-Eleven has been doing this coffee poll for the last 2 elections in 2000 and 2004. Both times the election's outcome has reflected the coffee cup votes. Put that together with the size of the sample, according to 7-Eleven they sell over 1 million cups of coffee a day, and 10,000 pots of coffee every hour of the day, every day out of the year, that's a lot of bean counting folks!

Go ahead and go to 7-election site to learn a bit more and check out it out for yourself.

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