Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fifa Street 3 video mixes soccer w/ Parkour

If your on the coast or in a bigger city, you're probably already familiar with the sport or activity of Parkour. It's kind of a street version of acrobatics or a heritage like sport without the need of a bike, board or motor.

Recently Fifa Street 3 has used a mixture of this and street soccer in a viral video they've released. Pretty impressive stuff, even though we can guess that the soccer ball is cgi in many of the scenes.

It's really got a great mix and looks really at home with soccer, especially if you've ever seen the movie Shaolin Soccer .

I love the campaign and I believe that this Parkour popularity is just starting to take hold. Won't take long before Red Bull will have a street team. They have already started a freestyle almost b-boy group that travels around the country performing known as Reaccion.

Look for more of this to start popping up in different forms.


Ok, so I've done a bit more searching and have found the actual website for this newest Electronic Arts release. Wow they must have broken the bank on the site. It really does a great job of having a game feel, even allowing you to unlock (rather easily) gamebreaker moves. You should give it a go!

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