Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ron Paul WoW March....Not really that exciting.

Here's a little update from the Ron Paul blog I wrote a few days ago.

Below you'll find an almost 7 minute video showing of the in-game march that Ron Paul supporters launched in the World of Warcraft game. This is for sure one of those instances that the idea of this was much more powerful and will get more press than the actual event itself.

If you know one anything about World of Warcraft, you should know that it has over 9 million subscribers around the world. Those are getting into some serious numbers, and this is why these stories always seem to make it not only in the online blogging communities but also the AP.

The truth to this is this: While there is 9 MILLION people now playing this game globally, they are not playing all together. There are hundreds of different servers and each server may have 10,000 players and from that, there may at best a few thousand playing at the same time. So check out the video below in all it's nerdy and somewhat non-spectacular glory and as yourself the question. What made the impact, the sizzle or the steak?

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