Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hot Chocolate Street Team of Awesomness!!!

Ok, so it's time to present something to all of you that tells us as marketers that "Street Teams" are not all created equally.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the "street team", concept. Brands and their marketing teams need to just start asking the question, Why are we doing this?
Wow, that sounds like a stupid question, huh?

Well just check out the video below. My thoughts will be better represented after your watch it.

#1-Let's start thinking a bit about chilling out on wrapping cars. What is that a 97 Explorer? I'm not making fun of their budget, but there are other ways to be mobile than wrapping a freaking back door of a normal looking truck. Especially when your marketing towards teens.

#2-I feel that a lot of our jobs as marketers are taken up in making the things we do look like winning activations to our clients, retailers, bottlers, distributers, etc. This isn't really our fault, we feel a need to keep our jobs and to make sure everyone in our world thinks we're doing our job. The question is what impact did this make with our consumers. Isn't it? It would be great if we could spend more time making sure that the ideas we have actually reflect the brands that we represent and tell the right story.

#3- Sorry to be a bit shallow, but who do they have giving out this hot chocolate? The first guy looks like someone's dad and the other two guys in the video look like they spend more time playing WoW than talking to teens. Image counts, especially to this age group. Think about it?

#4- Did you see the size of those sampling cups? Hot chocolate does 2 things. Tastes good and warms people up when they're cold. The 1 squirt of hot chocolate that the kids got was more than likely cool by the time that it hit their lips. It looked cold out there, lets give these kids an actual cup of hot chocolate.

#5- Kids don't talk like that. They were great little sound clips and they for sure would impress a room of 50 year old board members, but come on!!! Again, there is no way anyone talks like that, unless they somehow feel like they'll be on a TV commercial. From my experience, kids don't really give a crap what kind of hot chocolate they drink. So either market to the parents that actually buy this crap or give them another reason to buy your product.

It's obvious that we're entering a time where the fringe marketing of 10 years ago is the traditional marketing of today. Let's step it up and start asking the questions of where to go from here.

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