Friday, April 11, 2008

Royals: Opportunity Lost

As i'm sure you didn't know, Kaufman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals baseball team now currently has the largest HD screen in the world.

They installed this bad boy this year after a multi-million dollar renovation taking place at the stadium.

So why is this local piece of flavor important to my blog?

Having a conversation last night over a couple of beers with Jason Bedell, it hit us in the face pretty quickly. Where the hell was the Royals PR on this? This is the largest HD monitor currently on earth! That's news! That's a big deal(pardon the pun)! This could have been in every tech blog, it would have for sure been picked up on the AP Wire if it were out there in any form.

There's a ton of geeks out there that love this stuff, me included. I heard about it by word of mouth! That's an insult to me and my 1 billion rss feeds streaming in front of my face daily.

It's a missed opportunity. With the right spin applied to this, they could have almost recouped the cost of the damn gigantor monitor with FREE advertising via PR. This isn't you're usual cheesy local PR thing, this is the LARGEST HD SCREENY THING IN THE WORLD!!!

Here's some video from one of my twitter friends Jeffisageek, he was at the home opener this Tuesday.

One thing I've hear that may be a bit of a downer for baseball players everywhere is that with this HD monitor, we all know how fugly these guys really are up close. It might be time to start exfoliating fellas!


(jeff)isageek said...

I agree with ya...seems like it was kinda downplayed in a way.

I do have to say it is an awesome thing to see live!

Lifesagrind said...

yea!! We get to see them suck in high def!

They should have spent the money on talent.

Aaron Fish said...

Would PR have done them any good other than show that maybe they spent too much money on it?