Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday, A Dying Holiday

Isn't it beginning to seem that Cyber Monday is becoming irrelevant?

In the late 90's the term made plenty of sense. Most people's computers as well as high speed internet connections were at work. Nobody feels like working on the Monday after a 4 day weekend so you have an explosion of online holiday shopping.

However in today's society, unless we're going to turn it into a Valentine's day (An almost meaningless holiday fueled and manufactured by some smart ad agencies & marketing), we need to take a look at what is really going on.

With competitors like Amazon, large retailers cannot afford to not offer the same deals online as to the crowds that wrap around the store at 3am on Friday morning. If you have the same deals and the shipping is free, than there is no difference and retailers will no doubt be forced cannibalize some of their brick & mortar business to not lose the internet piece of the pie. 2009 seemed like the beginning of the end for Cyber Monday.

Black Friday has now become what it always has been. The countries largest shopping day. It will make no difference if that deal is found online or at the store.

I give Cyber Monday a few more years just on media juice backing it up, but with our now highly connected online community. If it's not relevant, it dies.

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