Monday, August 24, 2009

Favre & Vick Immediately Effect Dorm Rooms Everywhere

With all of the news around some late arrivals in the Eagles & Viking's roster this year with the addition of a an old man that won't quit and a convicted felon, it would be tough for even the smallest of sports fans to not see the impact that these stories made last week throughout the online and traditional media.

In the new state of home video gaming, these real world stories are now able to directly have the same impact on the virtual world on the Madden 2010 EA title that you just picked up from gamestop.

Basically, EA now has the ability to add and take away from a team's roster or stats in real time. Michael Vick & Brett Favre were brought to life on these games and added to their respective new teams immediately after the news had come down where they would be playing this year. Gamers were able to jump online and test out just how this would effect their favorite or most hated team's season.

Though I'm not personally a football fan, it's fascinating when I view it through the PR, branding, and marketing lens. EA was able to quickly grab onto a small bit of the wave of media that was generated from these stories and focus it into their property in Madden 2010. Not only getting press, but bringing a huge upswing in online play.

These stories bring such a tremendous force in such a short period of time that in the past, it has been impossible to have them effect virtual worlds in a timely manner. I'm looking forward to seeing what applications will surface now that these two worlds have gotten a lot more comfy with each other.

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